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New IPhone 6 from Apple will have a display of 4.8 inches

Apple's 2013 iPhone 5S presented and it is obvious that this year prepared a new model iPhone 6.
How many of you are looking forward to this new model has to be found in the hands, most likely we will have to wait until late summer or early fall.


IPhone 6 should have a bigger screen. One of the assumptions is that the size will be 4.7 or even 5 inches. When comparing the images with the iPhone 5S, the device looks wider and lower, so that the new iPhone 6 further attenuate the edges but.
Also, according to some information, the new model iPhone 6 should have a full HD screen.
Apple would finally this year should be installed and the phone and NFC support.On this phone you can easily play earn to die.


iPhone 6 will be the slimmest iPhone yet. In fact, at a reported 6mm thick, the iPhone 6 would shave 1.6mm off of the iPhone 5. It would also make the iPhone 6 half the thickness of the iPhone 3GS.The screen resolution is good to fit the spongebob games,so you can play them without any trouble on this big screen.

Nikola Cirkovic (20) is a talented student of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Kragujevac, who presented his vision for the new iPhone 6 

Young Cirkovic is on engineering site "Grabcad" that provides opportunities to learn and faster to create the product, hung photos of mobile phone iPhone 6 as he envisages. 

With photos wrote: "This is my vision of the next iPhone 6 Do you like it? Slim is only 5.3 mm."
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Unlike the previous model, which used 8-megapixel camera, the new iPhone 6 would have to use 12 to 13 megapixels.


So far ihone had excellent 64GB of memory, the new model IPhone 6 could expect twice as much, we know that Apple  recent launch of a 128 GB I Pod 4.You can play the gun mayhem game on it.


Pricing ihpone are well known to everybody. If that holds out, then, and assuming that the 16GB model is dropped, we'd expect the 32GB model to cost£559$, the 64GB model 600$ and the 128GB model 699$. 

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